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    Deadlights EP Now Available

    Previously unreleased EP available now.

The Band

Winter Circle began building a fanbase around their blend of vocal harmonies, catchy textured music and two years of constant touring in support of the EP "The Huge and Hopeful". On the brink of becoming full-time musicians and increasing daily pain vocalist Kevin Dawson was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis (AVN). The diagnosis of this degenerative bone disease required complete hips replacement. Without insurance his diagnosis and eventual treatment eventually came through charities, personal debt and benefits. Members Kevin Dawson and Andy Hale returned by writing extensively about the turmoil, tragedy, heartbreak and the hope they experienced in the uncertain times following the long recovery.

The full-length album "Clouds Call to Ground", EPs "Clouds & Light" and "Deadlights" would be released over the Summer and Fall of 2013 and eventually garner extensive college and terrestrial radio airplay and commercial licensing for numerous television shows from MTV, Oxygen, E!, AMC Television, Showtime, Lifetime, Fox Sports and NASCAR.

2014 will see the band return to the festival circuit, a follow-up EP and additional media licensing.

Our Discography

Winter Circle

  • Kevin Dawson (Vocals/Guitar)
  • Andy Hale (Guitar/Keys)
  • Jed Owens (Keys/Vocals)

Press Sheet Stage Plot


Clouds Call to Ground

Clouds Call to Ground

Ten-song full-length album.

  1. Lights Out 03:44
  2. Kill Beauty 04:44
  3. Wake Up 03:03
  4. Where You Are 03:33
  5. Raining Angels 04:26
  6. Clouds Call to Ground 03:20
  7. Let the Bullets In 03:56
  8. Porcelain 03:12
  9. Javier, Lost in Mexico 03:43
  10. Push the Slaves Out the Door 03:24


Five song EP.

  1. Truth in Secrets 03:53
  2. Deadlights 03:19
  3. Illuminate 02:52
  4. Revival 03:27
  5. North for Christmas 03:48
The Huge and Hopeful

The Huge and Hopeful

Debut EP.

  1. Streetlight Flicker 03:34
  2. She Wants Me 03:25
  3. Hold On 03:50
  4. Dynamite 03:29
  5. Send Me a Wave 03:25
  6. Don't Go 03:38
  7. Get Up 03:38

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